Poverty alleviation

These Poverty Alleviation Programmes are designed to target rural poverty as prevalence of poverty is high in rural areas.

Environmental sanitation

Sanitation has always been an important part of WHO activities. NGO’s can execute its activities in the field of water, sanitation and health.

Awareness and Education

Public awareness and education are essential to changing social and cultural norms which perpetuate harmful practices.

Healthy Village Concept

Promote and mobilize health and environment measures considering the local requirement.

Open defecation free village

Access to safe water and sanitation is answer to prevent these diseases is the answer to prevent these diseases.

Waste handling

Humans, animal and biomass is responsible for land, water and air pollution, is source of renewal energy.

Awareness and Motivation

Understanding their benefits leads to a demand for sanitary facilities and ensures their proper usage & maintenance.

Towards humanity and nature.

Who are we ?

The One Step has achieved and attained vast experience in the various fields including promotion of sanitation and awareness and has carried out various projects in the field of awareness for the last 09 years. Capacity building, training of Masons and Motivators, CLTS training, awareness workshops and campaigns has been done in Uttar Pradesh & Madhya Pradesh.

Our Donors